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Fin Do

We’ve created a app to make life a bit easier. is at your fingertips when you need to send or receive money. Fast, effortless, without boundaries.


The easy way to document & manage construction projects. Team collaboration, Punch Lists, Field Reports, Blueprints, Issues. All Visual, Documented and Searchable.


Our mission is to simplify consumption and development of financial products based on blockchain and smart contract technology.

Travel Time

Search maps and data by travel time. Travel and mapping software that makes location decisions easy


Enabling teams to visualize, collaborate and grow effortlessly through data drives who we are and everything we do.

Beautiful Terengganu

This service will help you learn about many interesting facts about Terengganu that few people know about. You can find here: hotels, travel agencies, restaurants, tours, etc.


Generic online scheduling SaaS solution dedicated to serving consumer services market.


Online platform for companies incorporation and legal services in crypto and blockchain economy.

Luxury Beach

Real Estate portal with CRM functionality and technical integration interfaces with partner resources.


Online appointments booking web service for healthcare practitioners, clinics, and patients.


Online classes scheduling & management web service designed for training division of the clinic and classes visitors.


Classes scheduling & management software solution with online payment facilities for attendees.


Documents generation, management, and exchange system that incorporates online scheduling and payments processing functions.


Online video consultations platform for interaction between doctors and patients.

HUG Blood

Classes scheduling & management software solution with online payment facilities for attendees.

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Reach top results with the collaboration model tailored specifically to your project and business needs.

Numbers Talk

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